Learn more about AdviserChat, and how it works for advisers.

Built from within a financial planning firm, we understand the top requirements needed for it to do the job. Including long term storage, compliance access and paraplanners.
£450+VAT a year*

*per adviser, including 7 year storage.

When you're talking about peoples finances, security and compliance are top of the list.

Unlike other video providers on the market, AdviserChat have ensured you can be compliant without the cost burden from the start.
7 Year Storage - included.
When you pay for a year subscription to our service, it includes storage for all your meetings within that year for 7 years - at no extra cost. If you talk about Pension Transfers please contact us.
Compliance + Para Accounts
Wish to give your support teams access to your meetings? No problem, you recieve one compliance account per firm and unlimited paraplanner accounts. They can view your meetings and book them, - but not host them.
Currently in BETA
Transcribe Search
Currently in testing - we transcribe every conversation automatically with our IFA language library enabling easy search and referencing.
Get your own vanity URL included in the cost, a unique one for your firm and each adviser. For example www.com/[youfirm]/[adviser]
Encryption - everywhere.
Government grade encryption as standard. All traffic is piped through HTTPS:// and your meetings are encrypted end-to-end during transit with your clients. We use AES-128 with endpoint generation of keys as a minimum, then AES-256 when in storage.
Integration, everywhere.
If you're using Intelligent Office, you can install AdviserChat via their iO Store to directly link it to your client database.

Use another system? Get in touch.

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The who, what and why?

AdviserChat is a service provided by Adviser Innovation Ltd. Our aim is to deliver scalable and robust technology solutions built specifically to financial advisers.
Yielded out of the daily frustrations inside an IFA firm, Adviser Innovation strives to elevate and tailor technology for the financial planning industry.
Adviser Innovation consists of a team of developers and tech coordinators who lean upon the guidance of IFA firms, advisers and industry leaders to create the perfect mix.
We produce reliable & scalable technology solutions, such as AdviserChat to fix specific IFA problems all while helping to improve the client experience.
AdviserChat provides uncomplicated video meetings without the extreme cost or stress.

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